Legacy Products


Proteus P-RPTTC
April 1995 to May 2001

Sold through Dean & Wood to compliment the Raychem TraceTek range the RP-TTC which stood for RePackaged TTC with the TTC being the product code for a TraceTek module which was incorporated in the panel. The purpose of the panel was to offer a cheaper alternative to the TTAS (TraceTek Alarm System) which was sold at the time. The units remained on sale with Dean and Wood until they lost the Raychem franchise. Latter the units were sold by the successors to the Raychem Franchise Aquilar Limited until replaced by the Aquentis SZP(T) in 2001.

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Proteus P-RPTTC2
July 1997 to September 2001

The P-RPTTC2 was a 2 Zone Liquid Leak Detection panel incorporating the Raychem TTC module. This had the advantage of making it fully compatible with the full range of TraceTek sensors including TT1000 water detection, TT3000 aqueous chemicals such as acids and TT5000 Fuel Oil and Hydrocarbon based liquids. It was sold worldwide firstly by Dean & Wood and latter by Aquilar. Units were made to work on 110V, 230V and 24V allowing battery back-up if required.

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Aquentis SZP(T)
June 2001 to December 2002

As the replacement for the RP-TTC the Aquentis SZP(T) which stood for Single Zone Panel (TraceTek) benefited from redesigned facia incorporating soft touch buttons and icon based indicators to bring it into line with the TraceTek TTDM product range. The units also had a louder sounder and more modern enclosure and retained the TTC Module so that TraceTek Sensing cables could still be used.

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Aquentis SZP
January 2003 to February 2006

The Aquentis SZP was the first panel not to use the TraceTek electronics and was designed from the ground up to be compatible with the TraceTek (now owned by Tyco) Sensing cables and probes. Whilst keeping the same form factor as it's predecessor the panel was in fact a totally new design. The unit had a rechargeable battery which was kept charged when powered by the mains that could keep the panel operating for up to 72 hours in the event of a power outage. Also new was the service reminder and fully adjustable sensitivity.

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Aquentis Condensation Sensor
January 2003 to January 2010

Primarily designed to detect the onset of condensation on chilled beam Air-conditioning units the Aquentis Condensation detector was a self contained unit used for direct connection to the BMS or other monitoring system. It's small size made it particularly popular for office environments.

No Longer Supported


Aquentis Rain Sensor
February 2003 to January 2010

Used in conjunction with an LDM the rain sensor was used to control skylights and vents along with signalling to BMS systems for larger installations. Apart from the sensor circuitry the detector also had a small heater to melt snow and frost from the sensor face. Supplied with a stainless steel bracket the unit could be orientated to the optimum position.

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