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Boundary box

Boundary box
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The Aquentis Boundary box as it's name suggests is used to define clear boundaries between adjacent Sensor cable runs, it also has the function to branch or Tee the sensing circuit allowing the sensing circuit to divert to follow pipe runs or cover other area's. This saves the cost of running the sensing circuit to and from the area requiring coverage.

Please Note:
The end of each branched sensing circuit requires an End of line terminator.
There is no limit on the number of Boundary boxes that can be used in the sensing circuit.

In simple terms the unit can be configured in one of two ways:

BOUNDARY - this inserts a known resistance between two sections of the sensing circuit when it is used with distance read panels such as the LD8100 this allows a clear boundary to be set between two adjacent area's such as rooms or items of Plant so clear Leak Location is possible.

BRANCH - in this function the unit is used to branch the sensing circuit and inserts known resistances before and after the diversion, this allows distance read panels to define each leg of the sensing circuit so there is no confusion as to where one area finishes and another starts.

The unit works as a Branch connector with either our Zonal or Distance read panels but of course the Boundary (Weighted Length) function has no effect on a Zonal Panel.

With one input and two outputs the Boundary Box Successfully addresses the need for multidirectional cable runs.



  • Allows the sensing circuit to be branched off from the main sensing circuit
  • Used to clearly define adjacent sensor areas


  • Screwless connection terminals
  • Multiple Boundary boxes can be used on the same circuit
  • Passive - requires no power
  • TraceTek® compatible.


  • Size:   75mm x 75mm x 32mm
  • Colour:   Light grey/Yellow
  • Operating Conditions:   -10 to +50◦C, 0% to 90% non-condensing

 TraceTek is the recognised trademark of Tyco Inc

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