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Aquentis 2800 8 Zone Control Panel

Aquentis 2800 8 Zone Control Panel
Aquentis 2800 8 Zone Control Panel
Brand: Aquentis
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The 2800 Water Detection Panel provides monitoring of up to 8 zones totally autonomously from each other for both leak detected and cable break. Battery back-up comes as standard and batteries are accommodated within the all steel lockable enclosure. Each zone is capable of monitoring either Water Detection Sensing cables or 2000 series probes which are available as either floor or drip tray mounting.

The modern steel enclosure is suitable for installation in both office, commercial and light industrial environments and with the added safeguard of all controls other than the mute button requiring a key to activate them there is no danger of unauthorised staff or visitors tampering or resetting the panel, also add to this the fact that a key is required to access the electronics and connections ensuring that only authorised personnel are working on the system.

The system has two methods that it uses to detect the presence of water:

  • Linear sensing cable which is laid out either on the floor, within a bund or serpentined within a drip tray. When a conductive liquid touches the cable at any point along it’s length an alarm is created. This method of detection allows highly localised leak detection and can detect the smallest leak. Highly suited to perimeter coverage of critical areas such as Computer rooms, laboratories, electrical switch rooms and the like.
  • Probes       placed at strategic locations where a leak is most likely to occur provide localised detection. Likely locations for probes would be within Bunds, drip trays, drains, sumps, by pumps and tanks and within plant rooms and area’s which do not have a false floor. The height of the detection probes can be adjusted so that probes can be used in area’s where small spills or leaks are acceptable but you still need to know when the level is too high.


  • Drip Trays
  • False Floor Voids
  • Plant & Tank Rooms
  • Computer & Server Rooms
  • Air-conditioning Units & Plant
  • Lift Pits,Sumps & Pumps 


  • 8 zone capability
  • Simple single board construction
  • Installer friendly
  • Fully monitored detection and alarm circuits
  • Full Battery back-up
  • Auxiliary 24V output
  • Detection zone isolation possible
  • Remote ‘Water Alarm’ lamp units available
  • All steel enclosure
  • Surface or flush mounted (optional flush mounting frame required)
  • Modern design
  • Auxiliary alarm contacts
  • Key enabled controls
  • Easily installed
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Repeater panels available


  • Size:   H 310mm x W 385mm x D 90mm
  • Enclosure Mild Steel
  • Colour:   Grey (BS00A05)
  • Supply Voltage 230 V AC +/- 10% 1.6 Ampere Max
  • Local, Fault & Alarm relays (30VDC 1 Ampere)
  • Detection Zone Current 1.6 Milliamps
  • Dual Sounder outputs
  • Operating Conditions:   -5 to +50◦C, 0% to 95% non-condensing

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