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"We believe no single manufacturer has all the answers"

We have found that many installations are ill conceived due to a manufacturer being specified rather than a specialist installer. After all no manufacturer is going to promote a rivals equipment, even if it does suit your leak detection application better than their own. Here at Aquentis we prove this point by proposing the best possible solutions that we have tailored to your specific leak detection needs no matter who the manufacturer is.

“As an independent supplier and installer we have access to the widest equipment choice”

Our wealth of specialist knowledge gained in over 30 years in the water leak detection market along with our close ties with leading leak detection manufacturers allows us to design complex networks of leak detection sensors from the different manufacturers into one fully integrated system. We believe that this approach is unique and unrivalled and provides the best possible protection for your facilities and assets.

Our Main Areas of Operations


We have a comprehensive knowledge built up over the last 30 years of the leak detection systems available; we are totally independent and not tied to any one manufacturer, this means that we will only propose the best system for your specific needs.


We can provide you with a comprehensive range of solutions that give you complete peace of mind. Our professional team will provide you with reliable systems that have been tailored specifically to your application ensuring you get the level of cover you need.


We offer the full range of installation services irrespective of your site conditions. Our fully trained engineers are used to working with individuals and as part of a wider team scheduling and carrying out the works when you need them.


When you’ve had your systems installed you need to be sure that they have been setup correctly. Whether installed by Aquentis or your own engineers we will fully check over the systems and make sure that they are working the best they can be.


Regular servicing of your leak detection systems ensures their reliability when you need them the most. Having us regularly service your systems is far more cost effective than to have the expense of emergency callouts and repairs.


When the time comes we can repair not only leak detection systems supplied and installed by ourselves but also all major systems available in the UK. A fast and effective repair will ensure your cover is restored to your facility as soon as possible.

Are you on borrowed time?

Today’s business environment relies heavily on water, but one single drop in the wrong place can spell disaster

The business environment is dependent on a whole range of technologies not even thought about 20 years ago; the paperless office has yet to appear but technology is on every desk and your business is increasingly reliant upon it.

The infrastructure to support this technology such as Computer rooms, PABX, Network control rooms and Hubs are all common place and all need to be kept cool. The most common way to provide this cooling is to fit Air-conditioning and the commonest medium to achieve this is by chilled water, the pipes which carry this water nearly always run within the rooms which house the equipment and quite often are out of sight. Obviously even a small leak in the wrong place within this area can cause disruption and possible loss of data which in some circumstances could mean interruption and in severe cases the end of your business.

Aquentis offer Liquid Leak Detection systems that monitor the environment where the pipe work and machinery are located and give an alarm as soon as a leak is detected. We are unique in our industry because we are not tied to any one manufacturer. This gives you as the client the peace of mind in knowing that the equipment which is selected for your application fits your requirements exactly and is not merely the closest any single manufacturer could get. Because our core business is leak detection you can be assured that we know our business inside out and have the expertise in-house to process your enquiry and service your needs in the most cost effective and efficient manner.

We believe that we can directly measure our success and efficiency by the amount of repeat business we receive from our clients, many of whom have recognised the advantages of using a specialist company such as ourselves as opposed to other installers who treat leak detection as a sideline to fire alarms or trace heating. After all you wouldn't have your car’s engine changed by a plumber, would you? Nor would you necessarily expect a manufacturer of electronic equipment to be competent to install it on a construction site.

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