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Identify your water detection system

As an aid to help you identify your water detection system we have compiled a list of the most common water detection systems to be found in the UK. This list is by no way comprehensive as there have been so many systems on the market, many of these have been re-branded under different names.

Hopefully this list helps you to identify your water detection system. If we haven’t got your panel listed we can probably still help you, just contact us with a picture of the panel and we will find the information on it.

If you have any of these products in your building and would like to discuss maintenance, repair or replacement please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

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How can we help?

At Aquentis we pride ourselves on being a full service company providing just the right level of support that you need. Our years within the leak detection industry makes us ideally placed to offer all aspects of water detection from initial design to commissioning and beyond to service and ultimately repair or replacement.
Each and every application is different and we recognise and embrace this. Unlike manufacturers who can only offer products from their own catalogue, Aquentis can select the best equipment for the task, this is because as an independent company we have the all important freedom of choice. This freedom of choice means that not only do we select equipment from other manufacturers but over the years have gained an unparalleled knowledge of the systems that are on offer and how they work allowing us to maintain them so they continue to work for you to their peak performance.