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Andel Floodline Groundhog Mk2


Part #:
Available: 2016 –

Current model



The Floodline Groundhog Mk2 is an updated version of the original Groundhog. The Unit provides a totally self contained solution to small area water leak detection. Powered by 12-24V ac/dc the unit has an output relay which is common to Fault and Leak capable of switching 1 Amp at 24Vdc.

The unit has three LED indicators:
Power on (green)
Leak detected (flashing red)
System Fault (flashing yellow)

The Floodline Groundhog has a Jack socket allowing the detection area to be expanded by adding additional probes of a length of Sensing cable.

Note: The relay does not have the current rating to control most solenoid valves without an interposing relay being introduced.