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TraceTek TT-SIM-1


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Available: 2001 TO Present

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The TraceTek TTSIM1 is designed to monitor up to 1500 Metres of TraceTek sensing cable or probes and then when an alarm condition is detected signal a host system. Host systems can either be a TTDM, TTDM-Plus, TTDM128 or another monitoring system such as a BMS system.

LED’s indicate power, alarm and service along with communication RX and TX but there are no LED indicators on the modules facia so this unit is primarily intended as a outstation rather than a local alarm panel.

The Module communicates with the host panel via RS-485 twisted pair shielded cable.

The TTSIM-1 units require 24 Vac ±10% (22 to 26 Vac) 50/60 Hz or 12 Vdc ±10% or 24 Vdc ±10% depending on model selected.


 TT-SIM-1 Data Sheet Raychem (2001)