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Aquentis ALD126 Water Leak Detection Panel




Part #’s:
ALD 126-1
ALD 126-2
ALD 126-4
ALD 126-6

Available: October 2016 TO Present

Current Model


Spares Available


The Aquentis ALD-126 has been specifically designed to provide a clear and concise warning of a detected alarm condition by alerting staff with an audio visual alarm, and if required can be used to signal a BMS or other site monitoring system using it’s clean alarm and fault relay contacts.

Capable of monitoring both Analogue and Digital inputs on a zonal basis the ALD-126 is capable of monitoring a mix of sensors specifically suited to your application and site conditions.

Available in single, 2,4 and 6 zone variants the ALD-126 offers a cost effective localised solution to your environmental monitoring needs.

Standard panels operate on mains voltage between 100-250 Vac but 12Vdc models are available allowing battery backup.


 Aquentis ALD126 Water Detection Panel (2016)