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Aquentis TTSIM-Combi Alarm Panel


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Available: September 2007 TO Present

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The Aquentis TTSIM- Combi panel couples any Tracetek Sim with the Aquentis ARM (Alarm Relay Module) creating a standalone leak location panel whilst still retaining the networking functions of the SIM which allows it to report to either a TraceTek TTDM, TT-TS12 or BMS computer.

The ARM module provides an audible alarm with mute facility along with two sets of clean form “C” relays allowing either closed or open on alarm connections.

Standard units are available with either the TraceTek TTSIM-1a or TTSIM-2 but the unit can be supplied with any TTSIM.

Combining the Tracetek SIM with the Aquentis ARM provides a cost effective Leak Location solution whilst still retaining performance and reliability.