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Eco-Leak Single Zone Panel


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Available: 2013 to 2017

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As a replacement for the Aquitron AT-LDM-SM the Eco-Leak offered no additional features apart from a louder sounder but the internal circuitry was completely redesigned to ease installation.

Providing an entry level solution for water detection in small area’s such as control cabinets, Air-Conditioning units, Tea Points and small Server rooms the Eco-Leak provides early warning of an unseen leak.

The Eco-Leak was compatible with a number of sensing devices including Tracetek sensing cable’s Aquentis Probes and AWC1200 water detection sensing cable. As the unit doesn’t monitor the sensing circuit for continuity it is also has the ability to monitor a wide range of switching sensors.

The unit had 2 LED’s to indicate:

POWER – alarm unit power (green)
LEAK – liquid detected (red)

A sounder on/off switch and loud audible alarm