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EcoLeak Eco-1 One Zone Panel


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Available: 2017

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As a replacement for the Eco-Leak Single Zone panel the Eco-1 has a new larger enclosure to allow back entry into the panel and easier connection to the lid mounted field wiring connectors.

This latest incarnation of the Eco-Leak offers sensing circuit monitoring, something which the two previous versions didn’t.

The Eco-1 has a ‘auto-reset’ feature. Which when enabled allows the panel to reset itself once the leak or fault has been cleared.

Loss of system integrity caused by an interruption to the power or a break in the sensing circuit causes the Fault relay to operate allowing any monitoring system such as a BMS to receive the alarm.

The unit has 1 single pole relay for Leak and another for Fault.

Note: it is not recommended to use the auto-reset feature if the unit is connected directly to a solenoid valve.