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Floodline 128 Water detection Panel


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Floodline 128/32
Floodline 128/64
Floodline 128/96
Floodline 128/128

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The Andel Floodline 128 Multi-Zone System monitors a connected network of leak detection cables and probes totaling up to a maximum of 128 zones.

Each zone could be a single point sensor or many metres of water leak detection cable. The sensor network is continuously monitored for leaks and continuity with zones being electrically isolated from each other with each event being individually displayed so the system can accept and report any number of simultaneous or consecutive zone alarms. An alarm in one zone will have no effect on the normal monitoring of its neighbours or the rest of the system.

The Andel Floodline 128 Multi-Zone System consists of a User Interface with a full Alphanumeric display and a seperate base unit for connection of the sensor network. The User Interface provides clear and easy to understand status and alarm information.

The Andel Floodline 128 is available in 4 variants, 32, 64, 96 or 128 zones.