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Floodline Liquid Detection Panel


Available: 1992 TO 2003



Spares Available

Isopad Leakguard

Available: 1994 to 2000



Spares Available


The first offering from Andel, the Floodline panel had a distinctive fold down front cover and was available for 11 years before finally being replaced by Andel Floodline Multi-zone panel.

The Floodline panel was available in 4, 8 or 16 zone versions with all having integral battery back-up. All zones were monitored independently for fault and leak resulting in there being no restrictions on the number of alarms that can be reported at any one time.

The Floodline panel was also badged as the Isopad Leakguard between 1994 and 2000 but in 2000 Tyco Thermal Controls purchased Isopad and as they already owned Raychem who had the Tracetek leak detection system they dropped the Leakguard system,


 Andel Floodline Multi-Zone Panel (2002)