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Hydrosense HSCP Water Detection Panel


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The Hydrosense HSCP is the replacement for the Hydrosense K1000 Series panels and has been totally redesigned from the ground up.The panels now have a full metal enclosure with a lockable door.

Hydrosense panels are effectively adapted Fire alarm panels and as such inherit dual sounder outputs. The manufacturers have aimed these panels at the Fire alarm companies and as such the panels appear with countless names on them.

The Hydrosense System has two methods of leak detection, either Linear or point.

Linear detection

Is provided by Hydrowire water sensing cables connected to the control panel by a dedicated Connection Box.

Point detection

Is provided by Floor or Drip Tray Probes and Float Switches. The Floor Probe is fixed to the floor and adjusted to give the required detection level and connected to the control panel via a junction box. The Drip Tray Probe has exactly the same facilities as the Floor Probe but has a bracket for mounting onto the side of an ACU drip tray. Various 3rd party float switches can be connected to the system by a competent installer.

The Hydrosense HSCP is available in 2, 4 and 8 zone variants.