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RLE Seahawk LD1000 Single Zone Panel


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Available: 2008 –

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The LD1000 is a basic single zone Leak Detection panel capable of monitoring up to 305 Metres of SeaHawk sensing cable.

The LD1000 requires an external 24V ac/dc power supply and is not Mains powered. The unit itself is made from a metal enclosure with 2 screws on each side to secure the lid which can cause limitations as to where the unit can be located.

The LD1000 has 3 LED indicators:
Power (Green)
Fault (Yellow)
Leak (Red)

There are 2 sets of form “C” relay contacts for Leak and a further 2 sets for fault (0.5A switching @ 120Vac).

Note: The SeaHawk LD1000 is primarily manufactured for the US market.