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RLE SeaHawk LD5100


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Available: 2007 TO 2012



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Whilst not a major player in the UK market, there are some SeaHawk LD5100 systems installed in the UK. Using analogue circuitry the panel can monitor up to 1,524 Metres of sensing cable and display any contact with a conductive liquid with an accuracy of ± 1 Meter.

The LD5100 sports a LCD backlit display along with 5 tactile buttons for user interaction.

2 sets of form “C” relay contacts for Leak and a further 2 for fault (0.5A switching @ 120Vac) along with a 4-20mA current transmitter provide transmission of an alarm condition to any monitoring system such as a BMS.

The LD5100 has been superseded by The updated LD5200.

Note: The SeaHawk LD5100 is manufactured for the US market.