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RLE SeaHawk LD5200


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Available: 2011 –

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The LD5200 is the updated replacement for the LD5100 unit. Very few units have been installed in the UK.

The RLE LD5200 has a 95 x 56mm colour backlit LCD touch screen display and increased sensing circuit length monitoring.

This unit can support: 3048m of conductive fluid sensing cable 2134m of chemical resistant sensing cable With a stated accuracy of 0.6 Metres ± 0.25% of total sensing circuit length.

There are 2 sets of form “C” relay contacts for Leak and a further 2 sets for fault (0.5A switching @ 120Vac). There is also a 4-20mA current transmitter which can provide transmission of an alarm condition to any monitoring system such as a BMS.

When an event occurs the following happens:

•An audible alarm sounds.
•The distance to the leak is shown on the LD5200’s LCD touch screen and on the LD5200’s web interface. An integrated reference map within the web interface will also show the location of the leak.
•Notification is sent via email or Modbus/SNMP/BACnet/SMTP to a central control location, such as a building management system (BMS).

Note: The SeaHawk LD5200 primarily is manufactured for the US market.