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TraceTek TTB-MA Longline Leak Location Panel


Part #’s:

Available: 1987 TO 2002


Still Supported

Alternative Available


The Raychem TTB-MA Leak detection panel was the forerunner to the TraceTek TTDM panel.

The panels were available in 3 versions:
TTB-MA which gave readings in Metres
TTB-FA which gave readings in Feet
TTB-IZA which gave readings as zones

All TraceTek TTB panels were available in 120/240VAC or 24VDC versions. The panels had a metal enclosure with a key locked door and had space for a additional plug in continuity relay for signalling of a cable fault and 5-20ma current transmitter.

TTB panels were able to monitor up to 1,500 feet or 500 metres of:
TT100 or TT1000 water detection sensing cable.
TT300 or TT3000 water/aqueous chemical sensing cable.
TT501 or TT5000 Hydrocarbon sensing cable.

As standard TTB panels had a single pair of clean form “C” relay contacts for leak. (optional plug in module for continuity relay)

The system can be supported but spare parts for the panel are no longer available.