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Aquentis Sensing Cable AWC 1200

Aquentis AWC-1200 Sensing Cable

Aquentis AWC-1200 Sensing Cable Connectors


Part #’s:
AWC1200-1 Aquentis Sensing Cable – 1m
AWC1200-3 Aquentis Sensing Cable – 3m
AWC1200-5 Aquentis Sensing Cable – 5m
AWC1200-10 Aquentis Sensing Cable – 10m

Available: 2016 –

Current model



Aquentis AWC 1200 Water Leak Detection Sensing Cable utilises advanced conductive polymer and fluoropolymer technology to create a smooth non-porous leak detection cable.
Its advanced design means that the cables smooth contours minimise the trapping of contaminants and dirt which otherwise could build up and cause false alarms, this makes the AWC 1200 an extremely reliable water leak sensor.

The AWC 1200 has 2 sensing cables which are Helically imbedded into the High Visibility fluoropolymer core which reduces electromagnetic interference from industrial processes, computers and data storage devices.
Even a small contact of a conductive liquid such as water with the sensing cable will be detected by the monitoring panel and the alarm raised.

Aquentis AWC-1200 Sensing Cable presents no exposed metal wires which could corrode when exposed to prolonged contact with water and generally can be returned to service by drying with a dry cloth.

Aquentis AWC-1200 Sensing cables simply plug together to create the required length of sensor and then terminated with a plug-in End of Line termination plug.

The Aquentis AWC1200 sensing cable will detect clean, dirty and even distilled water. Alkalis, Weak Acids, alcohols and other electrically conductive liquids.