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Aquentis Water Probe


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Available: January 2003 –

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The Aquentis Water Detection probe with its unique design facilitates either horizontal or vertical mounting from just one unit. Its low profile means that it has a high level of stability and can be sited below sensitive equipment, valves and pipe joints without fixing.

The unit’s high-visibility yellow colour makes it easily recognisable in low light conditions, and the heavy-duty aluminium guard plate provides physical protection when the unit is installed within harsh environments such as Plant and Equipment rooms.

Aquentis Detection probes allow the monitoring for leaks in areas where sensing cables would be difficult or felt undesirable to install, either because of the harsh operating environment in which the detection is required, or the impracticality of installing lengths of sensor cable in dirty or high traffic areas. The Probe activates the connected Leak Detection equipment when any conductive liquid makes contact across the stainless steel probes.

A major advantage the probe has over detection cable or tape is that it instantly returns to use after the water is cleared up unlike sensing cables which take time to dry.


 Aquentis Water Probe (2003)