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Liquid Leak Detection

Liquid leak detection applications whether simple or complex require careful consideration.

Thought needs to be given not only to the placing and type of sensors used but also the site conditions.
Water plays an essential part in the business environment and is used for cooling and heating as well as welfare facilities. However the pipes which carry this water to where we want to use it often run with power, data and telecoms cabling below raised false flooring, in false ceilings or in risers. A small leak left undetected could eventually affect any of these systems resulting in business interruption.

It should be remembered that no leak detection systems are maintenance free so serious thought needs to be given to maintenance access to the sensors after the construction is over. A common and rookie mistake that we come across all too often and needs to be avoided at all cost is sensors placed below Vinyl flooring in Tea points and Kitchenettes. Sealing the floor in this manner whilst looking aesthetically pleasing prevents maintenance to the water detection sensors below and will delay access to any leak detected allowing the water to flow and possibly cause substantial damage which might have been prevented had access been available.

Removing the flooring when a fault or leak occurs for investigation will almost certainly cause damage and destruction to the flooring which in most cases means the area is unusable.

Water Detection Installation

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Water detection Maintenance