Non-Sensing cables

Apart from sensing cables, probes and panels a leak detection system comprises of a number of other essential components, these include the interconnecting non-sensing cables such as Leader and Jumper cables, clip’s and End terminations. At Aquentis we supply a comprehensive range of Non-Sensing cables to connect both Aquentis and TraceTek water leak detection and location systems.

Non-Sensing cables are used to continue the sensing circuit through areas that do not require leak sensing typically from the panel to the sensor location. A Leader cable consisting of a cable terminated at one end with a suitable connector with free tails at the other for termination into the panel is usually the first non-sensing cable on the system. Then Jumper cable consisting of a cable terminated at both ends with connectors are used between sensors to run the cable through areas which do not require water leak detection.

If you need help or advice with cable selection we are happy to help, just contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

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