TraceTek Non-Sensing Cables

The TraceTek leak detection system comprises of a range of individual system components that make up a system. Most systems will comprise of a Water detection panel or module, a leader cable, a combination of Jumper cables and sensors, hold-down clip’s, and Mapping Tag’s. Each system will need a different combination  of components based on it’s layout and whilst small systems can be purchased in kit form, larger and more complex applications will require components to be selected individually. Aquentis have a full range of compatible TraceTek Non-Sensing Cables and components available in our online store.

TraceTek non-sensing cables are used to connect the panel to the first sensor (Leader Cable) and between individual sensing cables (Jumper Cable). These Jumper cables are used to run the sensing circuit through areas which do not need leak detection. Non-sensing cable is available in prefabricated lengths or on reels that allow it to be cut to length and joined to our pre-connectorised tails.


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