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Protech Systems UK Limited

Formed as a company on the 3rd of September 1985 by two electrical and one mechanical engineers, Protech Systems (UK) Limited entered the UK water detection market at it’s infancy. Over the next decade the company continued to grow within the industry working with many of the major construction and maintenance companies of the time.

Below is an excerpt from the Protech Systems website in 2002:

Mission StatementHoe the Protech Systems name came about
To remain ahead in our field is what we constantly aim to achieve. Our staff are our most valuable asset and only through the mutual understanding of our aims can our company focus its commitment to providing the excellence our clients expect & deserve from us. We choose to be in the Water Detection industry because we understand the Water Detection industry. Our commitment in all we do extends from supplying only the best solutions and providing them in a careful and professional way, paying particular attention to detail.

We will ensure that each project we undertake is carried out with minimal fuss to our clients, using procedures that have been successfully applied to our past work.

Company History
Protech systems were formed in 1985 to fulfil the growing need for water detection within commerce and industry. Over the years we have gained a wealth of specialist knowledge and skills regarding all forms of liquid leak detection, whether it be Water, Oil or Acid we know of a detection method that can be used. Within this site you will find details of our services and the products we supply and support, all have a solid track record for performance and reliability.

We believe no single manufacturer has all the answers and many installations are ill conceived due to a manufacturer being specified rather than a specialist installer. Here we hope to prove our point, feel free to contact us at any time and please visit us again to get details of the latest equipment available.


In 2010 Protech Systems ceased trading and Aquentis acquired the business.