Water Leak Detection Sensing Cable AWC 1200

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The Aquentis AWC 1200 water leak detection sensing cable provides distributed linear water leak detection at any point along its length when connected to suitable monitoring equipment such as Water Leak Detection Module LDM-230 allowing full coverage around vulnerable infrastructure such as power and data or critical equipment and sources of possible leaks.


AWC 1200 Water leak detection sensing cable is lightweight, abrasion and corrosion resistant. It is also mechanically strong and flexible allowing easy installation on site. Supplied in a range of factory terminated lengths, it will pass through a 20mm (3/4 inch) hole. Lengths of AWC 1200 simply plug together to form the required length. It’s rugged construction exposes no metal sensing elements allowing it to be used in mildly corrosive applications.

Advanced design water leak detection sensing cable

Using advanced conductive polymer and fluoropolymer technology allows the AWC1200 water sensitive cable to have a smooth non-porous construction. Allowing the cable to be cleaned and dried quickly after a leak contact. But more importantly to be returned to service much quicker than over braided leak detection sensing cable’s which not only take longer to dry but trap contaminants in their braiding. The cable is constructed by embedding the sensing wires, in a fluoropolymer double-helically wound carrier greatly reducing electromagnetic interference.

AWC 1200 leak detection sensing cable is ideal for area’s where no water leaks should be present. It is particularly suited to shadowing pipe runs below false floors and ceilings. Attaching directly to pipework is also possible, but an insulating barrier tape should be used on foil lagging.

Additional information

Weight N/A

1 Metre, 3 Metres, 5 Metres, 10 Metres


Cable diameter 6.4 mm (0.25 inch) nominal
Connector diameter 19.4mm (0.76 inch)
Sensing cores 2 x 30 AWG coated with conductive fluoropolymer
Carrier Orange fluoropolymer
Cable weight 30gr/Metre excluding connector
Breaking strength Cable only 72kg (160lb)
Cut-through force >22kg – 0.13mm blade (>50lb – 0.005 inch blade) Cross head speed 5.08mm/min
Abrasion resistance 65 cycles per UL719
Maximum continuous surface temperature 75 degrees
Leak trigger (common tap water) >50mm (2inch) at any point along it’s length
Drying time >15 seconds after removal from standing water
 Cleaning method  Wipe with wet/damp clean lint free cloth