Water detection mini plate sensor probe

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The Aquentis ALD-MPS is a small water detection probe using a detection plate to detect the presence of a conductive liquid in specific locations such as Drip Trays or confined spaces.



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The Mini Plate Sensor is a small compact probe which will detect all conductive liquids. The entire underside is a detection surface which is suspended 2mm above the mounting surface by 4 stabilisers, this stops the detection surface contacting the floor allowing the sensor to be mounted on metal surfaces such as Drip Trays or Air Handling Units. The surface clearance can be reduced from 2mm to just 1mm by removing the stabilisers centre pin.

The units are designed to work in either horizontal plane. Facing down it is used as a robust sensor where water is likely to pool such as in drip trays or non porous floors, and because of it’s size it is also usable within confined ceiling voids. Facing upwards the unique sloping face can be sited below valves or other probable sources of leaks to provide early warning. The sloping face allows the water to “drain off” quickly so that pooling doesn’t occur allowing the controlling equipment to reset as soon as is practical.

Because of it’s small size it is ideally suited to incorporation in equipment and locations where other detection devices cannot be accommodated.

The unit has a low centre of gravity which means that it can be placed in position without fixing with little fear that it will topple over.

The Sensor is fully sealed allowing the unit to be quickly returned to service even after complete submersion.

Detection height adjustment

The detectors come factory set to detect between 1.5 & 2mm depth of water at the detection face (when fitted facing down). However they can be set to approximately 0.9mm by removing the top section of the four insulating feet with a craft knife.

Additional information

Weight 0.110 kg


Dimensions HxWxD 32mm x 45mm x 72mm
Weight 110gm
Operating Conditions -10 to +50◦C, 0% to 90% non-condensing
Cable length 3 Metres
Equivalent part number(‘s) AT-MPS,    WD-MPS-1