Water leak detection module LDM-24

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The LDM-24 is a small leak detection module for integration in OEM equipment such as Air Handling Units (AHU’s), BMS and double containment tanks and associated pumps.

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A 24 Volt DIN rail mounted module primarily designed for small area water detection in locations such as Tea Points, Kitchens, Bunded area’s and Drip Trays the LDM (Leak Detection Module) provides dedicated leak detection to specific area’s of risk at an affordable price.
For the first time the LDM makes it cost effective to provide coverage to area’s which are not seen as a major risk. Just one drop of water in the wrong place can cause havoc to the day to day operation of a business. Area’s such as Tea Points are generally not seen as a major risk but if a leak occurs and is not discovered quickly that leak will spread unchecked and in time can eventually affect the power and data infrastructure causing a catastrophic interruption to the daily trading.

Because of their compact size these modules can normally be incorporated into OEM equipment such as BMS outstation enclosures thus saving the cost of an individual enclosure, however because of their compact size a number of LDM’s can be built into a bespoke enclosure to give a fully customised and site specific Leak Detection solution. For convenience modules can be sited close to the area to be monitored or mounted up to 200 Metres away in central control equipment.

The unit is a single zone system capable of monitoring sensing devices within small to medium sized areas. They can be connected to a range of sensing devices including sensing cables, Mini plate sensor or the Aquentis probe.

The LDM’s clean form “C” change-over contacts provides the alarm signal to the BMS, BEMS controller or other monitoring equipment. Power and alarm indications are also provided via onboard LED’s. The unit features full range sensitivity adjustment to allow fine tuning to local conditions and to “tune out” spurious alarms often associated with other similar equipment.

For a longer and more reliable operational life the sensing circuitry used within the unit produces an AC excitation signal to minimise Oxidisation or erosion of the sensing device if left submersed over a prolonged period of time. This AC excitation is fully isolated from the supply power to the unit.

The Aquentis LDM Leak Detection Module has been specifically designed to provide a cost effective, no frills solution at a competitive price ensuring that you don’t have to pay for something that you’re not going to use. Supplied complete with DIN rail mounting frame and comprehensive installation instructions.


  • Air-Conditioning Units
  • Humidification Units
  • Process control
  • Marine switch cubicles
  • PCN communications equipment
  • Sump pits
  • Lift Pits

Additional information

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Sensing cable compatibility ASC1200
Maximum length of sensing cable 45 Metres (150ft)
Detection Probes ALD-MPS  APS
Power supply 24Vac/dc (ac 50/60Hz)
Power consumption 50mA @ 24Vdc
Operating Conditions -10 to +50◦C, 0% to 90% non-condensing
Status LED Power (Green), Leak (Red)
Relay Output Volt free relay contacts activated by leak DPDT (NO/NC/C) (NO/NC/C)
Relay Rating 8 A at 250 Vac
Dimensions HxWxD 82mm x 114mm x 54.5mm
Weight 102g
Equivalent to AT-LDM


ALD-LDM DataSheet

Information sheet to aid selection of the ALD-LDM-24 and ALD-LDM-230 leak detection modules.

 Download ALD-LDM Data Sheet 

Document date 29th July 2019

ALD-LDM layout guide

Guide to possible sensor configurations for the ALD-LDM-24 and ALD-LDM-230

 Download Layout guide 

Document date 17th July 2019

ALD-LDM Installation Instructions

Guide to possible sensor configurations for the ALD-LDM-24 and ALD-LDM-230

 Download ALD-LDM Installation Instructions 

Document date 26th July 2019