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Part # P-RPTTC
Available: APRIL 1995 TO MAY 2001

Still Supported

Spares Available


The Proteus single zone water detection panel was sold through Dean & Wood to compliment the existing Raychem TraceTek range. The RP-TTC which stood for RePackaged TTC with the TTC being the product code for a TraceTek module which was incorporated in the panel to provide the water detection function.

The purpose of the panel was to offer a cheaper alternative to the TTAS (TraceTek Alarm System) which was sold at the time. The units remained on sale with Dean and Wood until they lost the Raychem franchise. Latter the units were sold by the successors to the Raychem Franchise Aquilar Limited until replaced by the Aquentis SZP(T) in 2001.


 Proteus single zone Data sheet (1997)

 Proteus single zone Data sheet (1999)