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Water detection installation

With over 30 years experience in the water detection industry the dedicated team at Aquentis are uniquely placed to offer a full “turn-key” package for our clients. Our team will provide a professional and transparent service from initial conception right through to final commissioning and beyond. We work with all the major manufacturers in our field and are competent in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of systems from the simplest single zone unit right up to the complex networked longline leak detection systems. Rest assured that we can provide you with the leak detection system which is tailored to your exact requirements.Water detection installation in progress

Water leak detection has become common place in the commercial and industrial environments in the last few years and more recently in the domestic market as well. Insurance companies have become increasingly aware of the damage to property and business interruption that even the smallest leak can cause and are increasingly specifying that water detection systems are installed.  This popularity has meant that more company’s have added water detection installation to the list of services they offer, unfortunately this doesn’t mean that some of these companies know how to install a system and get it right. We often get a call to carry out a system maintenance only to find that the sensors are not installed in the right place are the wrong ones for the application or are not even connected at all.

It is worth remembering that just one single drop of water in the wrong place can cause major disruption to a business by loss of data or power and even assets. Why would you entrust your water detection design and installation to the untrained?

Aquentis are able to offer installation of your system from the initial enquiry right through to completion and all stages in between with ongoing  service and support for the operational life of your system.

The key stages are:


At this stage we find out what your requirements are, what the water detection system is required to do when detecting a water leak. Actions would normally be things like sounding an alarm, signalling a Building Management System (BMS) or other monitoring system or shutting a water valve.

Risk Assessment

Not always required if working to the existing design of a consultant or insurance company, but highly recommended for occupied buildings, especially if multi tenanted. This is where we survey your premises to ascertain what you want to protect and where this asset is located, where possible sources of a leak are located in relationship to this asset and the likelihood of a leak.

Type of protection

Once we know what’s being protecting and from what, we select the most appropriate sensing medium to provide the maximum cover. Often a mix of water detection cables and probes are used to give the best coverage. Panel selection and number of zones required are also determined at this stage.

Finished water detection installationQuotation

We provide a detailed quotation listing the works required, the equipment needed as a basis for discussion as to how the project moves forward.


We agree a date to attend site and carry out the installation of water detection system inline with our quotation. Generally the panels will always be installed before installing the water detection sensors. This is primarily so that at the end of each working day the sensors can be left monitored giving a warning if they are damaged by other trades which might be working in the same location.


Once installed each and every sensing device will be tested for correct operation and any problems identified and corrected. At this point any monitoring equipment such as BMS or other technical alarm systems can be connected by their relative engineers.


Test an agreed percentage of the installed sensors in the presence of the clients representative. Monitoring systems can also be tested at the same time. Fill in commissioning documentation, provide instruction and training to the clients representative. Hand over system.