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Water detection maintenance

Water detection maintenance is often ignored or forgotten, maybe it’s because these systems are considered less important than others such as Fire alarms and Building Management systems or purely because of cost cutting. But the fact is if a system was installed, someone at some point recognised a risk exists and the ensuing problems caused by a water leak.

There are many reasons why a water leak detection system might have been installed; this might be to protect valuable assets or business critical infrastructure such as power and data networks or for specific area’s such as switch rooms, computer and server rooms or plant area’s.

Water detection systems are not maintenance free and require regular servicing to function correctly. In general systems will need to be inspected every 3 or 6 months dependant on the system installed and the environment it’s been installed in. Only by engaging the services of a specialist leak detection engineer to perform system checks and maintenance can you be sure your system is continuing to provide adequate protection to your premises. It is simply not good enough to check that the panel has power. Another reason to have the Water detection maintenance is to ensure that the sensors are still in place, particularly if the sensors are out of sight below a raised false floor where power and data cables being installed may have dragged them out of position.

Water detection systems have been around for many years now and as with all alarm systems there is both good and bad but worryingly we have also found that many of the older systems fail with their power light on and no indication that the system isn’t functioning anymore making maintenance even more important if you have one of these older systems.

Engineer carrying out water detection maintenance on a floor sensor

Now it could be suggested that the bad systems require more frequent and in depth servicing than the more professional systems but in truth yes there are some bad systems out there but there are also some very badly installed systems made by the market leaders as well.

Right from our initial Water detection maintenance visit Aquentis will ascertain the condition and functionality of your systems, advise as to any faults present on them and the condition of the installations. We will test the functionality and effectiveness of the sensing devices and connected devices such as remote alarms and valves.

Here at Aquentis we can provide water detection maintenance and testing for all major leak detection systems installed here in the UK. Our engineers are familiar with the vast majority of applications where systems are used, whether it is in the commercial, health care, industrial or domestic fields.

All of our maintenance visits are scheduled with you for a time which causes the least inconvenience to you and your staff and are carried out by our own engineers. The duration of service visits are dependent on the type of equipment, the complexity and size of the water detection network and the general condition of the system when our engineer arrives.

It is worth remembering that many of the older systems can be supported up to and often past their stated end of life if regular planned preventative maintenance visits are carried out ensuring your return on investment is maximised.

Due to our detailed knowledge of the equipment and it’s operation Aquentis are able to offer a range of water detection maintenance options to suit most budgets and range from functionality checks to full system re-commissioning. These levels of service are available for both the systems we have installed and for those installed by others. We offer full support, repair, alteration and maintenance for all major leak detection systems installed in the UK and a few others besides. In addition to our standard After Care Packages we can individually tailor packages to your exact needs or budget allowing us to offer a fully bespoke service which can be as basic or comprehensive as you want.

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