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Water detection repair

Water detection systems have become more and more common in the workplace. However they can all too easily be overlooked when it comes to maintenance, it is often a case of “out of sight, out of mind”.
So when the inevitable happens and the unit goes into fault, leak, service required or fails who do you turn to for your Water detection Repair?
Often it can be difficult to find out who the manufacturers service agents are, especially if it’s made by one of the companies which aren’t a major player in our industry. Couple this with the practice of badge engineering the panel, a practice prevalent among Fire Alarm installers installing leak detection as a side line and it could take days just to speak to the right person.

Aquentis ALD 126 panel during water detection repair being carried out on the system

Why chose Aquentis for your water detection repair?

  • At Aquentis we have years of experience Installing, Maintaining and Repairing water leak detection systems from most if not all of the manufacturers who sell into the UK market.
  • We have years of knowledge and support to fall back on.
  • We are independent which means we can repair many different types of systems as we aren’t tied to any one manufacturer.
  • Here at Aquentis we are able to source spare parts from the most competitively priced suppliers not just the systems manufacturer.
  • Aquentis have accumulated years of knowledge within the leak detection industry allowing us to provide the support and expertise needed to get your system up and running in the shortest time possible.
  • We can offer you the peace of mind of knowing your repair will be carried out in an efficient and time sensitive manner and that we can offer a full aftercare maintenance and service package once the repair has been completed.

Contact us

Contacting us is easy, you can find all of our details on our contact page, we’re happy to discuss all aspects of liquid leak detection and can guide you through the repair process. We can also help you identify the system you have on our Identify your water detection page which is updated regularly. But don’t worry if you can’t find your system, we’ll still be able to help.